Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anger of Stick

Game Description:
The hero runs towards enemy's base carrying AK-47, machine gun, 90mm no-rebound gun, an iron hammer, and long sword to revenge.
Eliminate different types of enemies.
There are easy, medium, and hard mode and you can adjust the screen size to help to kill enemies.
Good Luck.

Tilt the device to move and with jump and attack buttons, you can easily play.
You can use your weapons just by using attack button.Weapon

You can use different weapons for different enemies such as AK-47, Machine gun, 90mm no-rebound gun, iron hammer, and long sword.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Game Description: Before ‘Time’ is up, you must make all girls to stand up. If you touch a girl, the girls beside, above, and below will stand up together. Depending on how many ‘Moves’ you used, you will be ranked from A to E. The ‘Time’ and ‘Moves’ appear on the upper menu. If you click on the ‘Reset Table’ at the bottom right corner, the stage will reset. (but the ‘Time’ remains the same) Control: Click on Girls Choose any cleared-staged when you play ‘Load Game’