Thursday, August 13, 2009


Game Description: Before ‘Time’ is up, you must make all girls to stand up. If you touch a girl, the girls beside, above, and below will stand up together. Depending on how many ‘Moves’ you used, you will be ranked from A to E. The ‘Time’ and ‘Moves’ appear on the upper menu. If you click on the ‘Reset Table’ at the bottom right corner, the stage will reset. (but the ‘Time’ remains the same) Control: Click on Girls Choose any cleared-staged when you play ‘Load Game’


  1. 한국분 맞으시죠?? 아니신가??

    우연찮게 다운을 받아 재미있게 하고 있습니다

    약간의 건의사항이 있어 들렀습니다^^
    게임 음량의 조절이 안되더군요
    끄고 하자니 너무 심심하고 켜두자니 너무 시끄럽고

    아이폰4 4.2버전 순정상태입니다
    다음번 업데이트때 수정 되었으면 좋겠네요

  2. You know, Game is on cool math.