Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anger of Stick 3

Anger of Stick 3

You are on a mission to get rid of villains from a different planet.
Each planet has different geographical features and types of enemeies, and you will meet even stronger bosses.
In this action game, the five main characters must kill all the villains using different combos and weapon.

- The five main characters have different combos and various actions, and you can change the character according to the enemy.
- You can meet different types of boss and enemies in each planet.
- Each planet has different geographical features so that you don't get bored of playing.
- Like in Dragon Ball, many actions like energy beam, combo in the air, continuous attack, weapon, and power glove for level-up were added.
- More action frames and biggger character images than before


  1. Hey I've gotten pretty far in this game... Like I have the best character and only have two planet things left... And then during one level I fell off one of those snowy edges and now the game doesn't work at all.... How can I fix this without starting a completely new game and losing all my coins?

  2. I've got the same problem as Ross. Fell off a ledge, restart the level and each time no matter what I do comes right back to the ledge where I died, a bad guy walking around looking for me, my health is at 0 but my character is no where to be found. I've spent maybe $10 on gold packages and don't want to lose that money invested to start all over cause of a glitch and would really appreciate some help. You can reach me at Thank you.

  3. seriously, help? I'm stuck and the game, while yes is just a game I see that big picture here, is now useless without starting all over and losing money I spent. You can reach me with a solution at Thank you

  4. I'm having the same problem as both of you. This sucks!

  5. I'm sorry.
    I am a developer AngerOfStick3.
    please email
    Thank you


  6. Hi, I have a big problem : I was playing with Joe (the last hero) in the stage 24 when I did a combo which made me fall under the map but I didn't die, I can walk under the map and even if I leave the game when I open i'm still walking under the map without any enemies and I can't finish the stage or play.
    I really would like to play this game again but the only issue is to create a new session and I don't wanna lose all my heroes and weapons so please fix this bug.

  7. I tried to buy some in game money and it took my money from my iTunes account but never gave me the in game money.

  8. My game won't start at all so I deleted it and now when I try to download it again it Shows up for a second or two and then it disappears what should I do? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  9. downloaded the game but it's not working!!!
    I see only the lower-left corner of the game screen on my iPad and the game wont respond.
    what should I do???

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