Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Anger of Stick - Friend


This game which is the tale of dead friend in 'Anger of stick' is the friend edition of 'Anger of stick'.
The player has to fulfill the rescuing hostage, removal of bomb, finding PMP and other various assignments as a special agent.
In the friend edition, lots of motions and stick animation style images are applied to this game.
You can get the feeling of seeing the stick animation while playing the game.

Game Explanation:
The player has to accomplish his duties per the stages such as rescuing hostage, removal bombs and etc on the street or inside the building by killing the enemies using lots of motions & ten weapons(rifle, machine gun, knife, bat, 90mm mortar, flame thrower, etc).

Playing difficulty, Sound on/off and Blood color can be selected.


  1. doesnt work. the app icon is just white and when i open the app it boots me out to my ipod menu. Please fix this

  2. the bug still exist!please fix it!

  3. I can't even play the normal game mode after ur stupid update!!! It only lets me play Survival and Zombie mode!! So I can't play normal mode AND my data is all gone!!! As a supporter of u guys 4 a while now, I am HIGHLY upset!!!! I expect so much better from one of my favorite app companies. Didn't expect you to spit in my face like this...

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  5. I recently bought this app and, while playing at the zombie mode, the background gone white and started to spawn lots of stickmans (and not zombies), I think it was a bug, bit i liked it a lot...

  6. When buying ammunition are you actually charging my credit card?