Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anger of Stick 2

Anger of stick 2nd Story

Unknown enemies in the city emerge and the hero continues to remove enemies with a variety of weapons, and helicopters and robots that can devastate all enemies at a time.

Special Features:
Action : You can feel the realistic fighting action with 130 behaviors and Hero air combo action is added that can remove all enemies at one time.
Weapons: Enemies can be handled lightly by using helicopters and robots in the map, and weapons such as M1911, UZI, Granade Luncher, Spas_12, SG550, Remington_870, Flamethrower, Ray-gun, Mini-gun, Bat, and Sword.
Map: Cities, deserts and forests are configured in the map and the fighting action inside building is added.

- When enemies come on the both sides, all enemies will be fallen down on seizing and throwing enemies back.
- An infinite combo attack is available with Hero air combo.
- Enemies can be handled by well-using robots and helicopters on the streets.
- To avoid the attacks from guns and robots of enemies, button on the key to move to the left is necessary.


  1. Please make an HD version that's playable (without looking pixelated/terrible) on the iPad...I've been wanting to buy your game (angerofstick2) since it came out, but can't bring myself to spending money on an app that's not made for the WILL make more money doing this anyway...thanks for your consideration!!!

  2. why the volume is always on max?
    i change the volume but the game doesnt accept it...

    AngerOfStick2 Free

  3. Why on AngerOfStick2 Free always alerting one notification? I tryed everything to make it disapear, but no result. What to do?

    1. Yeah, I can't get rid of the damn notification. Please fix this!

  4. Do you have a Windows Phone version?
    Or do you have plans to develop the Windows Phone version?
    Please make a Windows Phone version!!
    As reported The Windows Phone Apps converted to Windows 8 Apps only need to change about 10% code
    So if you Dev a Windows Phone version of your app, you can simply move it to the Windows 8 platform.
    And the Windows is the biggest platform all over the world.
    Your app will be able run in all kinds of Windows 8 and WP devices!
    PCs,laptop,tablet,cellphone,smart tv,etc.
    Its a hugh market!!
    Please think about it!!!

  5. I've played this game on a friend's iPhone... its freaking awesome!! It would be much better if there was an Android version.... please make one!!

  6. Anger of Stick 2 always displays 1 notification on my iphone too, the reason is either they are crappy programmers and have no idea what they are doing or, more likely, they know exactly what they are doing and are intentionally violating Apple's terms and putting it there to annoy people in order to get them to click on crap to make it go away. Either way, it requires me to delete the game which is what I'm going to do right now.

  7. I made a purchase in the game but i ddnt get the coins i paid for

  8. Please update this game to run on IOS13